Our Story

Once upon a time, fate weaved a captivating tale, entwining the red strings of destiny to bind the hearts of a young boy and girl in a love that was meant to be. It all began when a young boy, a transferee, unexpectedly crossed paths with the girl in their 6th grade.

In their early years as acquaintances and just ordinary classmates, the boy had this impression that the girl was unapproachable and grumpy/'masungit'. He didn't pay much attention, believing she was out of his league and always shining with her brilliance. After all, she was always at the top of their class. Their interactions were fleeting, filled with polite nods and quick glances as if they were mere ships passing in the hallways.

But fate, ever mischievous, had a delightful surprise in store...

Fast forward to their junior year of high school, during the "Buwan ng Wika" month. The boy was chosen to be the escort representing their class. Since their interactions had been scarce, the girl hesitantly approached him, inquiring about his costume made from recycled materials. Worry etched across her face, she discovered the boy had no costume just a day before the contest while the muse of their class (not her) already had one. Without hesitation, she offered help, spending the night channeling her creative mind through her nimble hands to transform clear-colored National Book Store plastics into a breathtaking Filipino 'barong' costume. As the boy donned the recycled ensemble, unbeknownst to him, he wore a symbol of their intertwined destiny. Little did they know that this costume would earn him the coveted "Best in Costume" award, igniting the flame of their extraordinary journey.

As the girl approach him with care and kindness, the boy's initial impressions faded away. He discovered her vibrant and lively personality, hidden beneath the veil of her achievements. Her infectious laughter and genuine warmth captured him, altering his perceptions of her completely. Their hesistations gradually disappeared, and conversations flowed effortlessly. With each passing day, the boy unraveled the layers of the girl's being, revealing a blend of beauty, kindness, and joy. In the presence of her laughter, he found solace, and in her companionship, he discovered a world brimming with infinite possibilities.

Nurtured by their blossoming friendship and an undeniable attraction, their connection grew stronger. The boy poured his efforts into his studies and into impressing the girl, and his grades soared as if fueled by the flames of his affection. As their bond deepened, whispers of courtship enveloped them, leading to a beautiful day they would forever hold dear. On October 16, 2010, he mustered the courage that had weighed upon him for what felt like an eternity. With anticipation trembling in his voice, he asked, "Will you be my girlfriend?" The girl's eyes sparkled with delight, for she had yearned for this moment, and without hesitation, she exclaimed, "Yes, I've been hoping for this moment!"

Amidst the applause of the universe, the red strings of love found its place in their hearts. From that chance encounter in elementary school to a love nurtured through friendship, their journey had just begun. Together, they would create a love story more enchanting than any recycled plastic masterpiece.

Hand in hand, the boy, James Edriek Diaz, and the girl, Aengelica Mae B. Soriano, invite YOU to join them in celebrating the union of their hearts on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

Ceremony & Reception

July 23, 2023

Jardin de Miramar
Events Venue

Prado Garden

Antipolo City
Buliran Road, Rizal, 1870

Parking available on-site

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Jardin de Miramar

Wedding Day Schedule












Short or long-sleeved polo
paired with dress pants


Cocktail dress or pantsuit



Please reserve white for the bride

While we have a suggested dress code for the wedding,
we still encourage you to prioritize your comfort
and wear what truly reflects your personal style
and makes you feel your best.

Here are some style guide samples for your reference

Please rsvp

As much as we would like to invite everyone
to celebrate our love, under the shining sun
we regretfully cannot accomodate additional companions
because the venue has limits and restrictions

Seats are limited, please understand
Only those invited to come, to join us hand-in-hand
Kindly notify us on July 19, Sunday, or beforehand
So you can join the raffle we have planned


Kindly respond on or before July 19

Diaz + Soriano


James Edriek Diaz


Aengelica Mae Blacer Soriano


Parents of the Groom

Mrs. Rhonnabelle Diaz Ortega

Mr. Darwin Ortega

Parents of the Bride

Mr. Arturo Reate Soriano

Mrs. Arlen Blacer Soriano


Grandparents of the Groom

Police Major Antonio L. Diaz

Mrs. Emalyn F. Diaz

Grandparents of the Bride

Engr. Antonio T. Soriano

Mrs. Florida R. Soriano

Mr. Rogelio F. Blacer

Mrs. Josefina D. Blacer


Mr. Raldi F. Diaz

Mr. Paolo De Guzman

Mr. Roy Anthony G. Diaz

Mr. Alberto D. Blacer

Mr. Dennis G. Sison

Mr. Jerry R. Soriano

Mr. Jun R. Jimenez

Atty. Gary Julito G. Lauron

Arch. Florencio T. Pacba

Hon. Sidney B. Soriano

Mr. Jojo Viduya

Mr. Romulo P. Natividad Jr.

Atty. Egmedio Blacer

Mr. Alfonso SJ. Soriano Jr.

Mr. Randall Harold SJ. Pascual

Ms. Jhoane I. Reate

Mrs. Rheena D. De Guzman

Mrs. Nolita R. Diaz

Mrs. Jacqueline P. Blacer

Mrs. Lucila S. Sison

Ms. Connie R. Jimenez

Mrs. Doris Jimenez

Mrs. Anna Marie S. Lauron

Mrs. Edna S. Pacba

Mrs. Christianne B. Soriano

Mrs. Ma Corazon Viduya

Mrs. Imelda Natividad

Mrs. Henrietta Blacer

Mrs. Elisa R. Soriano

Mrs. Jamesse A. Pascual

in Lieu of Gifts


With all that we have, we have been truly blessed.
Your presence, prayers, and love are all that we request.
But if you desire to give, nonetheless,
a monetary gift is the one we humbly suggest.
As we set forth, exploring lands anew,
your support will help our dreams come true.


Quick facts about the
happy couple

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When and where did we meet?

6th grade (2007) at Good Shepherd Cathedral School

How long have we known each other?

16 years and counting!

How long have we been together?

12 years and forevermore!

When is our anniversary?

October 16

When is the bride's birthday?

March 17, 1996

When is the groom's birthday?

March 3, 1996

Our comfort food?


Our favorite drinks?

Iced Coffee for James

Iced Matcha for Aengel

How many pets do we have?


What are the names of our pets?

Viktor, Smiggles, Amira, and Millie

The bride's childhood nickname?